Bad Debtors Database

  • "IWMC has alerted me to the fact that one of my recent client had defaulted with another member of the database. I have quickly reduced my risk and switched to pre-paid on delivery for future dealings. Gianni Torino | Manufacturer/Italy

  • "The debt register is an excellent method of creating leverage, it has forced the debtor to contact us and pay his due....we had no news from him since months before we decided to use this service. Coincidence? Paul Le Vallet, Wine Exporter | Paris "

  • "We tried hard to survive during the financial crisis and our debtors were almost causing our liquidation. Going legal has generated huge lawyer honoraries and has not solved our problem at all. The indebted companies database has forced our debtors to contact us and pay their due invoices. Miracle!  Lary Green, Small Business Owner | London"

Having problems to be paid?
Debtor ignoring you and the law?

Register defaults against non-paying ( former...) customers.
Get paid much faster and warn others being in trouble by the same debtor.

Our online worldwide database has been established as a prevention and relief tool against bad payers are deliberately ignoring the creditor and the law. It might be accidental or an organised a line of credit thanks to your own cash.

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Solve your problem & warn others:
Search engine indexed database

Register defaults against non-paying customers

Tired of constantly having to chase bad debts for your business? Frustrated of seeing the debtor ignoring or blocking your calls/emails despite being or showing a healthy business image on the market and social sites? Register the unpaid account here and have them listed on the bad debt

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Benefits and protection

Draw attention, Ensure your business is PAID.
Avoid bad customers and suppliers

Bad debts can pass from one company
to another almost like a disease

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The Disadvantages of Bad Publicity for Bad Debtors: Loss of trust, Damaged Brand Equity, Damaged Online Image.

Non-payment can be very damaging or even catastrophic for your business.

One bad debt can wipe out your profit of a year.

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Useful info

  • Assess customers’ creditworthiness and set appropriate credit limits.
  • Draw up clear terms and conditions
  • Start chasing payments as soon as they become due
  • Register the debt online at 90 days and let us recover it

For the Bad Debtor: Negative Impact of the Internet on Business

Customer review websites such as RipoffReport, FourSquare, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Quora have increased the impact of dissatisfied customers.
Without those sites, a single negative opinion may have a limited audience, reaching only the immediate social circle of the "victim" customer.
When posted on those kind of websites, the same negative opinion is visible to potential customers all over the world and may deter them from doing business with the bad debtor company.