We do accept submissions from verified users only ( no anonymous ) and from the original creditor/owner of the debt.
You can place the account for debt collection with us and our partners or submit an application for "black-listing" the bad payers or scammers.
Click on the below icons to see the 3 steps:

The fear of being named publicly will make many scammers pay up

Our database of bad payers grows thanks to the submissions of our members and partner debt collection agencies. When a debtor is reported to us, all members can access the reported debt about the same bad debtor.

When can I report a bad debtor or scammer?

The debt must be legit and documented, here a few scenarios:

  • When the contact is lost
  • When you discover other victims
  • When the bad debtor says he can't pay you and has assets
  • When out of court and legal ways have been exhausted

Benefits & Protection

Get the attention of your former client or bad payer, your company is not his bank. By making the problem public you will force him to pay. Other companies, consumers, the media and authorities will have access to the problem.