The expense of running a Super Bowl commercial

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January 30, 2017
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The expense of running a Super Bowl commercial

Intelligent spending

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Frequently called the Holy Grail of advertising opportunities, acquiring a commercial spot during the Super Bowl is an extremely competitive and high-priced effort.

For some brands, a Super Bowl commercial prices nothing when compared with the increased sales that such a distributed ad can bring in. For others, it may be the big break that found their brand into an entirely new kind of demand and sales.

The advantages the spot can bring to your brand will help justify the extent of the price of a Super Bowl advertisement.

The most expensive 30 seconds of your own life

For the 2016 Super Bowl, 30-second commercial spots were selling for up to $5 million dollars. This was an increase of 11 percent over the 2015 marketing prices, and costs for future Super Bowls are estimated to be higher.

Lower rates are available for less desired areas, including intervals during the match when audience interest drops. The most coveted time slots snatched by the advertisers with the largest funds and usually are the most pricey.

Other prices

First, it is vital that you discover whether one advertisement is enough or if your audience would be impacted by an effort stretched out over the course of the match more favorably. You’ll clearly be paying an extremely exorbitant cost for every individual time slot should you elect for much more advertisements.

Following that, you need to consider commercial generation will cost. With such broad viewership, your standing is actually on the line. That means your advertisement(s) have to be top notch, professionally made and amusing, or otherwise memorable.

Production costs can easily add up to match your first time slot purchase price, however a Super Bowl advertisement is certainly no place. In the event that you are running multiple advertisements, you’ll need to contemplate whether exceptional advertisements should play each time or whether you would like to duplicate precisely the same advertisement a number of times over. A number of the priciest Super Bowl advertisements have cost more than $10 million to make.

Consider your crowd

Most advertising professionals concur that Super Bowl advertisement prices are worth it, thanks to the audience that is big your advertisement will certainly reach on Super Bowl Sunday. More than one hundred million viewers tune in each year shattering records for viewership of any other program in history.

So while the price of a Super Bowl advertisement could be greater than every other promotion spot, the reach your advertisement will gain is certain to make your investment rewarding.

Also, Super Bowl audience are engaged in seeing not only the ads that fill the airtime between plays, but in addition the match. Unlike commercial breaks which muffled during regular seeing sections or are all too frequently scrolled previous, Super Bowl ads are viewed, loved and tweeted outside during and following the match. This gives Super Bowl marketers promotion and immediate buzz beyond their 30-second window.


In case your business has the resources to bear the price of a Super Bowl advertisement and may score a coveted spot, you most likely should take the opportunity. Your Super Bowl advertisement will reach millions of audience that are captive, garner buzz that is immediate and may increase your organization ‘s or product’s name.

The expense of a Super Bowl advertisement runs about $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime and production costs will most likely add another few million. But, the popularity of these spots and firms’ readiness makes the Super Bowl a clear marketing strategy for budgets that could adapt the cost.


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